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    Melbourne Chess Club?

    I am Melbourne born and raised, and love that city. It was my home and hopefully will be again when I return to Australia after these years away. While away I have improved and I have learnt much while competing here in Europe. When I leave I will sadly miss my Chess club here and from what I hear they will be missing me. I feel a real connection to SF Wetzisreute and the club is already talking about setting up a chess trip to Australia to come and play against my club in Australia. As of yet I have no club in Australia. I have only played Chess in Australia in high school about 10 years ago and believe I never earnt a rating.

    My club here means a lot to me, we call it here a 'home' we own our own premises, just like the MCC, although we were founded about 100 years later! We take real pleasure in our chess and enjoy our Beer when not playing tournament games, a real social environement. The little drawback is that its not a club the encourages youth chess. We have our own youth squad of course but we train them two hours before we arrive on a thursday evening, mostly leaving around 8pm just when the adults are arriving. There is not really much adult-child playing and our Youth team plays in a seperate league as our first 3 teams.

    Overall its a great atmosphere that breeds the love for chess through the freiendship for one another. I must say most german clubs are not at all like ours!

    So, I was wondering... Ive been reading all this info about MCC and its neverending battles with Vic Chess... whats going on? MCC looks like a very strong club with a great Tournament calander, but is there a good atmosphere that breeds the love for chess??? I want to know if it will be my chess home on arrival in Australia, will it be a club where my German club can enjoy a partnership with?

    I hear all this info about trying to promote the chess club in Victoria and of course throughout Australia, but ultimately the chess club needs to be such an environment that promotes itself. Almost the opposite to what im reading in much of this forum!

    See you all soon,

    James Bonning

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    Hi James

    The MCC is a wonderful chess club, it is open every day, the premises have recently being upgraded, adn the committee is constantly looking at avenues to have more organised structured chess. I advise you get in contact with the MCC about setting a connection between your club, and the MCC, they are always striving for ideas which promote MCC, and a partner club in Europe may well be an option as something they will look into. Send me a PM and we can organise to throw up ideas, I will be happy to then present these in a structured format to the MCC committee. Alternatively you can send something straight to the club, I will be happy to pass through thier details.

    Ideally though I would like to get into a discussion through either PM or MSN, ICQ etc.

    Awaiting your reponse


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    the mcc is the best place to play,many players of all ratings,the club has a great history since 1866 real history not mickey mouse ,you can also look at the boards to see who was victorian champion all the way back or club champion ,its next and i mean next to many restaurants and bars and entertaiment,4 different playing rooms a book shop internet on site as you have seen "all in good fun" ,open EVERY day.

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