Hi everyone,
I received a copy of the flier in the mail during last week, and presumed that many others had as well. The detail of an 8 o'clock start on the last round of the juniors is correct. But for me perhaps the most interesting part of this whole flier was the extensive and comprehansive list of prizes for all of the events for which all ages were eligible, but not as far as I can see, though I have been mistaken before, there are absolutely no prizes stipulated for the juniors.

It seems a bit strange to me that such a complete list of prizes is able to be projected for a yet to be specified number of adults, but not for a yet to be specified number of juniors.

I will watch the ACF bulletin with interest for when we get the first mention of how much incentive is being given to children and their families to spend at least two weeks interstate at a chess tournament.

Take care all, and God Bless, Macavity

NB I have not asked anyone to answer this, but anyone who likes is welcome to comment.

PS On a personal note, I don't imagine how anyone is supposed to play anything like good chess at 8:00am, and that is leaving aside the other concerns raised with additional family members to deal with, which turns this quite disturbed dream into an absolute nightmare , M