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    potential double illegal move? what happens next?

    Rapid chess ie 15 minutes to 59 minutes.

    Both players have only a few seconds remaining and no increments. Both players only have kings and queens left and they are lined up to each other ie

    BQ a4

    Now in this situation it is clear that if either queen moves, the other king is attacked.

    Ok, player A is to move and moves Qd5. Player B, seeing that he/she can take the king, does so.

    Now the question is, what happens next? I have some thoughts, but I will see what others say first.

    If someone wants some more clarity on the position or situation, feel free to ask.

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    Player A (to move) claims an illegal move by B. The arbiter is called and determines the sequence of (illegal) moves you just described and restores the position before the first illegal move according to article 7.4a. Both players receive an extra 2 mins according to 7.4b. The players agree to a draw. .

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