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    University Advisory Day!!!!!!

    Hi CK members from BOS,

    Hows Advisory Day at any Uni going???? If you guys going...please post something here hehehhe.... :o

    My sister only said to me on the phone: Macquarie University is hottttt!!!! Have no idea what is hottttttt at MQ???? hhehehehe.

    Anyway i really want some more information abt UTS...hope to see your post here soon!!! (i guess u guys r very busy with Unithingy, right???? only see Gandalf and Jeo's post....where's you guy hiding???)

    Soo happy to see many new members here at CK!!!

    Have know idea whats going on at CK forum??? No comment!!! 8)

    The Peace will come soon, wont it

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    I didn't go to Advisory day -_- I worked for 9 hours.

    Anyway, my prefs are set.

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    to tornado: yes tis very hot... the temperature that is... >< usyd was way cooler... i went to usyd + macq, they were both alryte i suppose, altho i pretty much had wut i want to do figured
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    Thanks for ur info, Xiao!!!

    Good luck for everyone (here :-)) in the Main Round!!!

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    I was still in Manila at the time, so everything I did on the board until that weekend was by remote. Anyway, I too am heading off to UTS, so if we are lucky we can all meet up there and leech mods off the WiFi in Tower.

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