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Thread: Shredder 9

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    Shredder 9

    I just installed S9 and it seems to have overwritten Fritz 8. I couldn't even run the S9 engine initially because somehow it couldn't find it. So I had to reinstall the whole thing and created a folder /Shredder9 on the second attempt. Now it seems all is OK.

    Anyone else had this experience?


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    Well, they share the same shell program, so isn't that sort of what's supposed to happen? Can't you then just switch engines from within the program, like using Crafty or Fritz 5 from within "Fritz 8"?
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    I have found as a rule of thumb with Shredder that doubling the speed of your central processor and doubling the size of your in memory hash tables doubles the speed at which your program alculates variations.

    Remember to close everything else that you can before starting shredder. Do not start Shredder from Chessbase. If you want to analyse a position from an existing game then copy that game to a new database, close Chessbase and then open the game in Shredder.

    Make sure that you are using the maximum hash tables that will run in memory. Shedder will run very slowly for several minutes whilst Windows releases cache from all the closed programs and releases resources to Shedder.

    I use this approach when annotating games for magazines. It means that I do not inadvertently overwrite the original game until I am happy with the annotations.

    I am stunned by innovations Shredder has found in a line of the Blackmar-Diemer Gambit. This has caused problems for white for forty years.
    Maybe I will post my analysis here. Maybe I will send it to Tim Mcgrew.
    Amazingly I have had to face the annoying line once over the board in forty years and never in correspondence. I have been told it is often played on the Internet Chess Club and FIC's

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