FEN Viewer

This is just an illustration of the FEN display option.

You can display game positions like this:

1. hit "alt y"
this brings up the opening fen tag

2. type in the board position as follows: starting from white's side of the board (first rank), type in the white pieces as lower-case and the black pieces as upper case. For blank squares, type in the number of consecutive blank squares (eg a cleared rank is an 8 while two consecutive empty squares is a 2)

3. Put a slash / between each set of letters as you write down successive ranks.

4. For example, here's the starting position:

This corresponds to
white pieces/pawns/empty rank/empty rank/empty rank/empty rank/black pawns/black pieces

5. At the end of the line, type in " w - - 0 35" . These symbols refer to things such as whether it's white or black to move, whether either side can castle, whether en passant is possible and so on. But they are not relevant to the depiction of a static position, so don't worry about it.

6. Click "Close Tags" and suubmit your message

7. The easy way to get a FEN position is to go to Jeo's little program at http://www.chesskit.com/software/fensetup.php and move the pieces where you want them. It will produce correct FEN notation which you can then copy and paste into a post.