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    Advanced Chess on the Internet

    Kasparov's invention Advanced Chess (human+computer vs. human+computer) is beginning to spread over the Internet too. The Advanced Chess Organization (CCO) is organizing regular Advanced Chess tournaments on the Internet. For information on the next forthcoming tournament (currently there is one scheduled for February 23, 2005), you can visit You can sign up there, too.

    For more information about Advanced Chess,
    or read the Wikipedia article
    (which is essentially the same as the former one, as the initial version has been taken with permission from the Advanced Chess Organization website)

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    What's the big deal? People had been playing this for ages. Now they're just making their cheating official. [Ok, bad joke ]
    Fortunately, I don't think this will catch on. The Salamanca tournament is supposed to be the strongest tournaments of this type, but it doesn't get much coverage either by the press or by local (national) chess sites.
    When will people realize that chess players don't want to change the rules, add dice to turns, extra pieces that can use laser beams to destroy the rival and tv cameras all over? the reason why so many people like chess is because they love it the way it is. We can play videogames at home if we want to. We would have taken up PS games if we didn't like it.
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