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    SACA AGM - New President

    The SACA AGM was held last Sunday and as a result of this SACA has a new president- Andrew Saint.
    Other positions are
    Deputy President - Alan Goldsmith
    Vice Presidents - Michael Peake, Alex Saint, George Howard and Robert Hoile who is new to the committee.
    Secretary - Tristom Cooke, who offically takes over the role he has been undertaking for about the last 6 months. Cooke is also SACA ACF delgate and Public Officer.
    Treasurer - Andrew McKechnie a new adition to the committee.
    Details of other positions are available from

    Thanks should be given to Roland Eime who stepped down from the committee after many years of work. He has apparently been on various committees for 50 years. Thank you Roly. He will still be around although not in a offical capacity. I doubt we could stop him being involved even if we wanted to.


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    Congratulations to Andrew on his elected presidency. Im sure with a support cast of the likes of the infamous Alan Goldsmith, he will improve South Australian chess.

    IMO the South Australian chess scene has a really interesting historical past. I believe that objectively, it along with Victoria (Jammos early days), has produced some fascinating periods of chess strength and administration.

    Cheers FG7

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