George Howard is not the perfect organiser, he's not saying he is, but come on guys-give him a break. He was the one, when all looked lost, who singlehandedly decided to enable the Mt Buller Chess Tournaments to continue as planned. ANd by and large, i would say it was a good idea and the events were successful. But on the other side, keeping a balanced perspective, there were some problems that shouldn't have happeneed.

Yes he has his faults, but we all do. Stop making it a personal attack. There was a committee and I was on it. We know that he wasn't willing to listen to others. I'd like to see some of you guys try and do what he has done for all his time and effort.

In my opinion, these were a PROFESSIONALLY run event with some problems that needed to be ironed out and should never happen again.

Don't make it seem worse than what it was. This was not the Titanic.