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Thread: GM Raymond Song

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    GM Raymond Song

    I just noticed Raymond Song has scored his 3rd and 4th GM norm in Hungary in October and his rating is over 2500 so he has qualified to be a GM.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scott Colliver View Post
    I just noticed Raymond Song has scored his 3rd and 4th GM norm in Hungary in October and his rating is over 2500 so he has qualified to be a GM.
    Terrific news! I remember watching young Raymond at Mt Buller in 2004-5 where he showed tremendous talent. Shame we lost him but we're a net importer of talented chessplayers so can't complain!
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    Metoo Kevin. Actually his sister Angela was also very good, but I'm not sure that she is still playing anynore.

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    I think Angela Song was the only female to win the Australian Junior. Both siblings were also competitive swimmers.
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    I have played (and lost) against Raymond in Sydney, and seen him here subsequently, so am excited by this news.
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