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    FIDE rating uplift change

    I noticed that the FIDE ratings regulations made a subtle change in the 2022 regulations, as below:

    Pre 2022 rating regulations
    A difference in rating of more than 400 points shall be counted for rating purposes as though it were a difference of 400 points.
    2022 rating regulations
    8.3.1      For each game played against a rated player, determine the difference in rating between the player and their opponent, D.
    A difference in rating of more than 400 points shall be counted for rating purposes as though it were a difference of 400 points.  In any tournament, a player may benefit from only one upgrade under this rule, for the game in which the rating difference is greatest.
    I'm not sure if it is such an issue in other parts of Australia, but I have found in some Queensland events, it is difficult to 'recover' points after a poor result because a large part of the field is relatively lowly rated.
    Take for example the recent Coomera Halloween rapid. I did not have the best tournament, bur managed to find a way to score 5.5/7, with all mu opponents having FIDE ratings.

    Rc	Ro	w	n	chg	K	K*chg
     1592	 2000	 5.50	 7	 -0.61	 20	 -12.20
    1063	AUS	1.00	1	0.08	20	1.60  {* uplifted to 1600)
    1299	AUS	1.00	1	0.01	20	0.20
    1413	AUS	1.00	1	0.02	20	0.40
    1872	POL	0.50	1	-0.17	20	-3.40
    1851	AUS	0.00	1	-0.70	20	-14.00
    1427	AUS	1.00	1	0.02	20	0.40
    1682	AUS	1.00	1	0.13	20	2.60
     * Rating difference of more than 400.
    Yes, as someone rated 2000, scoring 0.5/2 against two players rated in the 1800s is below expectation & I would expect to lose rating points as a result, however under the previous regulations, the games from rounds 1-3 & round 6 would have my opponent ratings uplifted to 1600 & the wins would net me 1.6 points per game (+6.4 total, which would give me an overall rating change of -8.4 for the event).
    With the limit on uplifts removed, after these four games where I scored 4/4, I now have a rating change of +2.6 from these games (and it would be +1 without the uplift!) for an overall rating change of -12.2 for the event (although on the overall monthly list, it says -13.8 for November with no other games in the system, but that's another issue).

    This was further shown as an issue in the King of the mountain blitz event, rated on the June 2022 list. I scored 5/9 in that event, again underperforming for my rating, however the four games I did manage to win during the event netted me +1.6 points (and that was only because of the uplift rule). Three of my wins (against players rated 1311, 1199 & 1287 - the last two being improving juniors who were not the easy beats that the rating difference would suggest) gave me a total of 0 points! My expected score was 3/3, which is exactly what I scored, so no rating change for those games! Of course in the other games that I lost or drew, I managed to lose 51.2 points, for a tournament total of -49.6.

    I'm not overly fussed about my FIDE Rapid or Blitz rating, but the same applies for standard or classical events (I had a similar, but lesser impact in the Gold Coast Club Championships, but I scored 8/8 in that - albeit from some poor or lost positions). Clearly I am playing below my rating - I don't have an issue with losing rating points - its more the amount I am losing. Has anyone else noticed a similar thing happening in their games, or am I an outlier as some of the tournaments I have played with only a small number of players near my rating & most well (ie 400 points or more) below??

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    I agree, and this is my situation as well -- generally being one of the top 3 or 4 seeds in club tournaments, I will typically lose a game to the eventual winner, maybe draw one other game, and then not be able to recover the rating points lost in these two rounds, as many of my other opponents will be rated more than 400 points below me.

    The previous 400 point rule made sense for Swiss tournaments. Aside from the initial two rounds, most games in remaining rounds are being played between players who are competing at a similar level to each other. For instance, if I am paired with a 1500-rated player in the 3/4 scoregroup, then that player is most likely performing at a higher level than 1500. the +1.6 points for a win against such a player would at least do something to offset the danger of drawing (-8.4 points) or losing (-18.4 points).

    Perhaps one of the motivations for the new rule was to rule out the achievement of rating milestone by accumulation. It is more difficult for a 2490-odd player to reach 2500 by simply entering a couple of club Swisses and achieve +0.8 points per game against 1700s (perhaps also involving forfeiting games or taking half-point byes in order to avoid facing stronger players). Though I'm not sure how prevalent this ever was.
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    Looking into results of the Hjorth Memorial (taken place over this long weekend in Melbourne) - players losing 60-100 points in a single event. - for 1800-1900 rated player (if not a junior) it is hard to get that many points back as easily as to lose!
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    This (rather old) article discusses the issue in detail. The author draws two conclusions, although FIDE has apparently only implemented one of them (and that one only partly):
    Wow! In fact, it does match, very nicely! You can see, therefore, that the "logistic" Elo curve does seem to be an appropriate way to model the relationship between rating difference and expected score, as long as we apply that 83% "squeeze" factor to compress the effective rating differences a bit, and as long as we discard the 400-point rule.

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    In the past, I would get +1.6 if I beat a player who is 1900 and +1.6 If I beat a player rated 1100. The 400 rule is still there but the max number of points I could lose per game was 15. Now it must be more!
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