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    2022 Commonwealth Champs Waskaduwa, Sri Lanka, 13-23 Nov

    The deadline for entries for the Commonwealth Chess Championship 2022 has just been changed to Oct 21. Brief details are below; I have uploaded the full entry details at:

    See note on official (selected) representatives at the bottom.


    Commonwealth Chess Championship 2022
    The Chess Federation of Sri Lanka on behalf of FIDE and
    The Commonwealth Chess Association
    Cordially invite your Federation to participate in the Championship to be held from 13th to 23rd November 2022 at Kaluthara, Sri Lanka
    organized by
    Chess Federation of Sri Lanka
    Venue: Citrus Hotel, Waskaduwa, Sri Lanka.
    Tournament Schedule
    Arrival : 13th November 2022 at 14.00 hrs
    Departure : 23rd November 2022 at 12.00 hrs
    Open Championships
    13.11.2022 Technical Meeting 20.00 hrs
    14.11.2022 Inaugural Function 09.00 hrs
    14.11.2022 Round 1 16.00 hrs
    15.11.2022 Round 2 16.00 hrs
    16.11.2022 Round 3 16.00 hrs
    17.11.2022 Round 4 16.00 hrs
    18.11.2022 Round 5 16.00 hrs
    19.11.2022 Round 6 16.00 hrs
    20.11.2022 Round 7 16.00 hrs
    21.11.2022 Round 8 16.00 hrs
    22.11.2022 Round 9 14.00 hrs
    22.11.2022 Prize Distribution Function 20.30 hrs


    Official representatives: "Australia is entitled to field field one man, one woman, One Senior (Above-60), one Junior Girl (Under-20), one Junior Boy (Under-20) player and one boy and girl each in under-8, 10, 12, 14, 16 and 18 as official entrants." Official representatives receive free board and lodging. Anyone wishing to apply for selection as an Australian representative must be registered as federation AUS. If interested in applying, send an email ASAP to ACF Selections Director Tom Saltmarsh and copy

    Because of the late change in application deadline I am not yet sure at what time the ACF will need applications by in the case of any competitive selections.

    NB I am not involved in registering entries for this event.
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