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    I've been asked to start a thread on this. Details at
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    Good to know... thanks KB. For those of a more seasoned vintage, there's also the World Seniors (also 50+ and/or 65+) in beautiful Assisi, Italy in late November, now that international travel is starting to normalise a bit again.

    Cheers, Kevin Casey

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    I have promised the Kiwi organisers I will post updates of entries, so here is the first one:

    Over 50
    IM Gary Lane (AUS) 2328
    IM P.D.S. Girinath (IND) 2311
    FM Arlan Cabe (PHI) 2285
    CM Tony Dowden (NZL) 2004
    CM Joseph Ebenezer (IND) 1856

    Over 65
    FM Efren Bagamasbad (PHI) 2014
    Miles Patterson (AUS) 1895
    David Lovejoy (AUS) 1712
    Nigel Cooper (NZL) 1515
    Barry Hooton (NZL) 1323
    Fischer visiting Tal in hospital - Curaçao 1962

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