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    John Barilaro wins cyber-bullying defamation payout.

    Good to see these clowns who continuously harass others on the internet receiving rulings against them. I love how Shanks is pictured with an even bigger pest in Simeon Boikov. No surprises that these two have gravitated towards each other such is their lamentable and repetitive content.

    Ill laugh if Google and Shanks all get done for contempt of court because they appear to deserve it. Always nice when smug folks on the net like Shanks who think they can make things up and slander others carte blanche get held accountable.

    "Former NSW deputy premier John Barilaro has been awarded $715,000 in defamation damages from Google for a "vindictive" social media campaign that left him traumatised.

    The tech giant, and commentator Jordan Shanks, who posted defamatory videos on Google's YouTube platform, also face possible prosecution for contempt of court."
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