I recently participated in the World Amateur Team Easthttps://njscf.org/blog/2021/12/13/fe...u-s-team-east/. For those who donít know about this tournament, it is the largest team tournament in the world and usually features over 300 teams, each of them made up of 4 players and sometimes one extra as an alternate. The top 4 players on the team need to be under 2200 on average. I have been playing this tournament since I was a child and look forward to playing every year with my friends. This is the first time it came back to being in person since the pandemic started. It was great to have it back to normal.

I had many interesting games at the tournament. One game stood out to me more than others because of who it was against. My second round game was against a young player who couldnít have been older than 7 years old! Despite the young age he was rated almost 1900. My experience definitely gave me an advantage and I thought it would be interesting to discuss some of the strategies that led me to win the game.