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    A big thank you to all the children, parents and carers who attended the trivia and fun night to raise money for the Red Cross Tsunami appeal. Over $65.00 was raised.

    The overall winners were the team from Canberra. Congratulations to all concerned.

    Highlights of the nights included some sensational paper planes which flew substantial distances (some budding aeronautical engineers must have been present); full marks to every under 10 child in the spelling competition; extremely high scores overall - especially in the maths sections. Well done to all teams! In fact, every team won at least one section - and were able to choose a small prize each.

    Thank you to George for being a great compare, to Garvin for helping to purchase the prizes (bus trip to Mansfield), to Max for keeping a running score for the different teams, to Julie and Greg for checking the answers and to Laurie and David for helping to put the chairs and tables away. Particular thanks to Alex who did a terrific job organising the questions.

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    Another post mortem

    I hope that next years organisers will take note of lessons learnt from this years events at Mount Buller. Its probably better to hold important events like this in a major city where resources and facilities are readily available. If we are doing it for the chess then i think paying Italian IMs in some sort of package deal using the operating funds is not optimal. Consider that if you had $100000 to utilise in the open division, why not just have $50000 for first place if you want people to come play. Im sure that would attract quite a few more entrants of high calibre. Also the scaling of prize funds from 1st to 12th I think is just shoe shining for the top players. If they want it they have to play like they want it. As for two rounds per day, its highly exhausting on players and coaches, why not stick to one? Its supposed to be organised for the chess, not organised around other constraints. Another weird phenomenom from the juniors: 15 minute 0 increment playoff games after a normal round time control that had 60 second increment? Surely the playoff could include increment also, even were it 15+5.
    Some good things i noticed in Mount Buller were the good behaviour of the juniors and coaches and the hard work of Alex Saint.
    Lets hope that we have a good one in 2006.

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