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    $500 AUD Online Open Blitz Tournament ( - Jack Rodgers Chess Coaching

    Friends and enthusiasts of the Aussie chess community, I'm posting to cordially invite you all to play in my upcoming blitz tournament on which has a $500 AUD prize fund ($200 for 1st)

    It will be a 9-round online blitz chess tournament played on on the 30th of January at 12pm AEDT sponsored by my chess coaching business, Jack Rodgers Chess Coaching.

    Enter here with your $10 AUD entry fee (please note that IM's and GM's entry is $5 AUD:

    Then request to join the tournament club:

    Players of all levels will be playing and last time we had five or six grandmasters join where the event was won by GM Bortnyk.

    Please see additional details below in the tournament flyer and I hope to see you all there.

    There may an introduced limit on entries so get in now to get the early entry fee and don't miss out!
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    Good to see someone using not the rubbish lichess

    Hope the tournament goes well Jack

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    Thanks Scott,

    Hoping to see a good local turnout

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scott Colliver View Post
    Good to see someone using not the rubbish lichess

    Hope the tournament goes well Jack
    Fantastic to see an Australian trying to get their share of the online bonanza! Anything new is worth a try.

    Blitz is the new normal chess. Check your stats. Let the 2700+ play the slow stuff. They know what they are doing.


    As for Lichess: It is free. It is run by IT people who don't want to make money from the venture.
    It is allowing chess clubs all around the world to play matches for free. Try airfares instead!

    The three way Friendly matches between the Australian Olympiad Team, England and France before the Olympiad are going to be fantastic.
    Of course there are some who say we don't need warm-up matches. The Team seems to be always playing someone or another OS.
    But I look forward to watching them on Lichess.

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    We’ve received word that current Australian Champion GM Temur Kuybokarov will be playing in the event! If you’re keen to test your luck or gain a once in a lifetime opportunity to play someone of this caliber then sign up and have a crack.

    We’re now 7 days out from the tournament so register now to secure your place ��.

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    Hi everyone,

    Entries have been coming in for this weekend's $500 blitz tournament. Our early bird entry will expire in approximately 48 hours so make sure you Paypal your $10 entry fee to in order to secure your spot! Bank transfer is acceptable too, please message if this is your preferred payment method.

    It's shaping up to be a competitive but smaller field, with many players in the running to take a share of the $500 prize fund.

    The top seeds currently are as follows...

    1. GM Anton Smirnov (still confirming, Australian #1)
    2. GM Temur Kuybokarov (Australian Champion)
    3 IM Krishna CRG
    4. FM John Curtis (10 times NSW Lightning Champion)

    Popular Australian chess streamer Hannah Sayce will also be streaming the event alongside other smaller streamers.

    Feel free to message me on Chesschat if you have any queries about the tournament and I hope to see you all there,

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    Results Post!

    50 players, 2 hours, numerous streamers, and an average rating of over 1,900!

    On Sunday the 30th of January, 50 titled and untitled chess players from all walks of life came together to battle over 9 rounds in a blitz tournament boasting a $500AUD prize fund donated by my chess coaching enterprise, Jack Rodgers Chess Coaching.

    One of my key aims in running this tournament is to prove to online chess sites including that there is potential to run tournaments with prize funds for players, both titled and untitled. It is safe to say this was largely successful due to the fact I identity vetted each and every player as well as every game played in the event.

    The winner of the event was none other than Peruvian GM Jose Alcantara, who took the event with an imperious score of 8.5/9, 1.5 ahead of =2nd place-getters GM Temur Kuybokarov and IM Srihari L R.

    Jose faced some stiff resistance throughout including a fantastic draw by Aussie sensation FM Sravan Renjirth (SlipperSpeedster), however, held strong for the rest of the event. You can check the full crosstable with results and games here:

    Results and Prizes - Please note. Players can only win one prize and will receive the prize of most value first.

    1st $200AUD - GM Jose Alcantara: 8.5/9

    2nd $100AUD - GM Temur Kuybokarov (on tiebreak): 7/9

    Top Australian Finisher $50AUD - Sterling Bayaca: 6/9 beating FM John Curtis on tiebreak

    Best U18 $30AUD - IM Srihari L H: 7/9

    Best U12 $30AUD - FM Tanitoluwa Adewumi

    Best Jack Rodgers Chess Coaching Student - Theo Ritter: 4.5/9 Receives one free hour of coaching!

    Junior Prizes... each recipient will receive a one-hour online coaching session with Jack -

    1. Vihaan Anup Kumar

    2. Tristan Smith

    3. Rentaro Inukai

    All winners will be contacted about their prize, or, feel free to send me your Paypal if you're a monetary prize winner! Thank you everyone for playing and enjoying some of the best games from the event below.

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