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    Research: Does playing chess affect your cognitive and social skills?

    Graeme Gardiner, former Australian Chess Federation president and founder of Gardiner Chess, has completed his Masters Degree at Southern Cross University, researching the cognitive, social and educational benefits and challenges of learning to play chess in schools. He is now a doctoral candidate in the Chess Education Research Study QLD in association with researchers, Professor Luke van der Laan and Dr David Smerdon. The research project involves matching Queensland Junior Chess ratings with NAPLAN scores.

    The study needs “as many people as possible who had a Queensland Junior Chess rating at any stage during the 14-year period from January 2008 to December 2021”.

    See their Facebook page:

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    I've had an email about a similar NZ study by Nicholas Barr at Massey University (NZ), which I've reproduced below. His email address is:

    I've completed it - it was interesting, although a bit tiring.

    To whom it concerns,

    My name is Nicholas Barr and I have participated infrequently in chess tournaments around New Zealand and Tasmania. I also was in the past a member of the Launceston, Wellington and Manawatu chess clubs. I’m currently doing a Master of Science (Psychology) with Massey University (New Zealand)

    I would like to invite participants from your chess club to take part in an online cognitive study that is looking at the process of finding a chess move. Participants must be over 16 years of age and be able to read and type in English. Currently, I require participants that have played 15 fully rated games, and who either have a FIDE rating of 1900 and above or a ACF rating of 1400 and under. Participants who have an equivalent rating are also eligible.

    The purpose of this study is to examine all the possible moves that can be made in a chess position. This study aims to build on cognitive skill studies that examine the thought process for finding a chess move. Direct benefits of participating in this study include an increased awareness and knowledge of the processes involved in research by actively participating in it and a satisfaction in knowing that they are contributing to cognitive skill studies and chess. Foreseeable risks, adverse effects, and discomforts that one may encounter by taking part in this study are minimal.

    The time to complete this study will vary between approximately 20-40 minutes.

    Participants have a right to access the information collected about them as part of this study. It is important to us that we maintain privacy throughout this study. The names and contact information will be held electronically and stored on the principal investigator's computer only for data recording purposes. Each participant in the study will be allocated a number. Staff involved in analysis will have access to participants' numbers only. All data from test sessions will be recorded against the participant’s ID number and their name will never be used in any report, correspondence or publication.

    Please provide my email address or forward this email to eligible participants and I can then send them a link to the experiment and a code to access it.

    Kind regards,
    Nick Barr

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