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    Australia’s Top 5 Olympiad Team is at school now!

    Queensland has just won lotto, twice, and had their parking validated while they picked up the prizes!

    Groups of “Out of the Ordinary Chess Players” in Australia seem to occur in clusters.

    Cf. “Chess into the 80s” by GM Rogers. Certainly, a league of extraordinary gentlemen.
    Melbourne High School had 2, was it 3 IMs. in their all-conquering team.
    Qld. gained 2 GMs within 7 years. (GM Smerdon’s 1st GM norm ended a 25-year drought in Australia according to Google.)

    The Qld. U/8 Junior Championship had 80 players in 2021. This is all the planets lining up, for once, for Australian Chess.
    If you go to the CAQ webpage and check out the U/8 results for 2021, you will see what I mean.

    This whole group of kids and their families is made up of people hungry for victory. Most of them moved here for their children’s sake.
    They think in generations. We think in 3-year election cycles.
    Why don’t we come up with a program that will launch them into the World’s Top 5 Teams?

    We have:

    The Hunger –

    Nothing more over rated than talent, according to Ray Croc. Every class has a talented kid.
    20 years later most of them are stuck in traffic on the way to work. “Don’t forget to pick up the organic light soy milk on the way home.”
    “He doth have a lean and hungry look about him.” Those were the ones who worried Caesar the most.

    The Finances –

    These people are movers and shakers. Not all of them – but enough will be. We don’t have to beg anymore.

    The Coaches –

    Tripping over chess coaches in Qld. Have to be careful when I’m mowing.
    Housing prices went up 27% in Brisbane - in 2021. Think about it.

    The Trainers –

    We will be able to afford one of the World’s best via Zoom. They’ll be getting up at 4am but they will be well paid in A$s.
    They will dictate the pathway for chess growth to the required level and the local coaches will put the plan into action, on the ground, with many examples.
    Probably 5 or 6 to choose from.

    The need to Network –

    That is one of the big reasons they moved here. For their kids to circulate in high roller circles. That last phrase made me a bit dizzy.
    These people don’t aim for 1st class. They aim for private jet class. And we are going to need meat-eaters to get into the Top 5.
    How will we know the Vegans among them? Don’t worry, they’ll let everyone know. (Still makes me laugh!!)

    We already have the State and National Primary and High School Teams Championships running very well.
    And kudos to those who keep it ticking over year after year. And also, to those who helped start it.
    To get into these teams in the first place, you have to rub shoulders with the smartest kids in the school.
    The National School titles will continue to be conducted online. $80,000 – 60-minute Bar-B-ques are a thing of the past.
    60-minute Networking has another name in the adult world.

    How much is the Manchester United Team worth? Let’s say over a billion dollars.
    The team owners are told that the whole team can fly to a distant destination and play for a 3-day round trip.
    The other option is to play a home game. 80 minutes.
    Which is the correct answer?
    Now if you ask a chess player, they will say “Risk the whole team, stuff it. See you at the Barbie.”
    If you ask a Business-person – well, we all know the answer to that.

    How to keep them Networking after Year 12.

    Not all of these kids are going to make it into the Teams – Olympiad Open, Female or Youth.
    They won’t be dropped. They will still be mixing and Networking with the smartest kids in the country at lower levels.
    They will be allowed to catch up with their old school mates and old rivals at the Alumni Teams events which will be in full swing
    once they leave Year 12.
    GCCC, how is that brochure coming along? It’s an Australia wide event.

    Mental well-being of the participants:

    We’ll hit the government for the services of independent Sports Psychologists to monitor mental health.
    Tiger Woods started at 4. GM Abhimanyu Mishra started learning chess at 2. We do have to get the right balance.

    The Program:

    Mainly RRs, Training Squads and challenge matches against the best OS players (the hungrier, the better) we can find.
    We have to get them up to speed first of course. Weekenders can serve a purpose for kids trying to break into the group.
    World Class Trainer with a proven track record. Needs to be a very early morning person!
    Local Coaches with a proven track record for training Australian Junior Champions.
    You can drop out at any time. Re-entry requires you working your way back through the ranks.

    The Finances:

    All self-funded. The chance to Network with a group of kids and parents such as this is a once in a lifetime chance.
    They would probably pay to be included.

    The Rewards:

    These kids, whether they make the team or not will be part of the adventure that gets us into the World’s Top 5.
    By the time they retire from chess and go on to running the country, we will have Alumni Teams up and running.
    GCCC, I hope that brochure is further along than the last time we spoke.
    They’ll be attending functions OTB or online every couple of months for the next 60 years.

    The chances of this once in a lifetime opportunity being picked up?

    You will see me giving a blindfold simul against the Chinese Olympiad Team, and winning every board, playing h5 on the first move
    (yes, I have taken Black in every game) before you see anyone grab at this opportunity.

    It means risking success.

    Southern States – Look up from under your sombreros and check out your State U/8s results. You never know.

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    I have lost my copy of GM Rogers book but will never forget the cartoon of the bearded players with cobbwebs asking whose move is it. Great game for tv aye
    Zionism is racism as defined by the UN, Israel by every dirty means available steals land and water, kill Palestinian freedom fighters and civilians, and operates an apartheid system to drive more Palestinians off their land

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    Quote Originally Posted by antichrist View Post
    I have lost my copy of GM Rogers book but will never forget the cartoon of the bearded players with cobbwebs asking whose move is it. Great game for tv aye
    I've got a copy of the book but would need permission to scan and publish the cartoon.

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