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Yes Kerry, it is sarcasm. Thanks for noticing. I sometimes forget that deadpan doesn't work so well on the internet. I guess I should have put an emoji on my first post as well!

PS Perhaps one way to attract the attention of top 10 players would be a suggestion to make titles no longer for life? We could switch to the system used in Sumo, where you only keep a title if you continue to perform at the required level. If not, you are demoted. And when you retire from regular competition, and have your ceremonial top-knot cut off, you lose any title at all. [And would have to pay entry fees! ]
Yes, the whole world of classic OTB is stuck in a time warp. There has to be radical change.

Newspapers missed the boat with the internet re advertising.
Sir Frank Packer described ads in newspapers as “rivers of gold”.
The result of this miss is that newspapers will slowly disappear

FIDE missed the boat when with the internet re online play.
Chess.com 28 million (the highest figure for membership – 7 being the lowest I have seen)
28 million by A$40 = $1,120,000,000 per annum

Nah, stick with slow weekenders. Forget fast chess. It’s just a fad. Shrewd.

The mainline media has zero interest in old slow chess. No media, no money.
And what is the behemoth that is “online chess”? 5 minutes or less.

Its like restoring an old “barn find” car. You can spend the rest of your life applying patches,
(OTB chess in Australia and FIDE at the moment) or strip it back to the metal.

Take everything out and rebuild from the shell up.

Slow chess is the guy at the bottom of the rope. If you don’t cut him off, we all die.

Time to cut the rope.
Should have been done a long time ago.

Never liked him anyway.