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    Rooty Hill RSL Chess Club 2022

    Our OTB tournaments (COVID developments permitting) for Jan - Apr 2022 resume next Tuesday 11 January:
    FIDE rated events at Rooty Hill:
    From Tuesday, 11 January 2022 FIDE Rated Rooty Hill Summer Cup Rd1 of 9 over 9 weeks TC 90+30secs
    Followed by:
    From Tuesday, 15 March 2022 FIDE Rated Autumn Rapid Chess (20min+10secs) Rds 1-3 of 9rds over 3 weeks.

    Details for these tournaments are on our website in my sig. Registrations only through that website.

    Clocks Start promptly at 7.15pm: Default time 7:35pm.
    Details for the Rapid are different to those for our recent 9 rounds tournaments with 90 minutes and 30 seconds increment time control (which also apply for Summer Cup above).
    Rapid Time control:
    20 mins for all moves, plus 10 seconds per move from the start.

    9 Rounds over 3 weeks.

    Entry Fee for Club Members $5.00 Non Members $20.00.

    FIDE Rapid ratings March 2022 - ACF Rapid Ratings March 2022.

    Tuesday, 15 March Rounds One to Three
    Tuesday, 22 March Rounds Four to Six
    Tuesday, 29 March Rounds Seven to Nine.

    Entries Open but only Via our website
    No entries accepted at the club.

    Players are eligible for only 1 prize. Best of lower half; prizes are based on ACF ratings.
    Unrated players are not eligible for prizes.

    Players not normally resident in Australia must be listed on the FIDE website to play.
    Members: entry open from Monday 21st February
    Non Members entry will open Tuesday 1st March

    Questions - Please contact Peter Cassettari 0403 775 476
    Entries close on Saturday 12th of March.

    Entries after the 14th March will only be accepted at the arbiter's discretion.
    1st round draw published Monday 14th of March.
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