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    Political history in Australia

    Prince Philip and Gough Whitlam: the story The Crown forgot. The ‘socialist arsehole’!

    ... At a speech in Canberra in the presence of Prince Philip, Whitlam pointed to Philip’s many ‘worthy causes’ and professed to ’occasionally feel[ing] envious that governments spend millions of dollars and receive no gratitude, to find that all His Royal Highness has to do is attach his name to a letterhead’. Two days later, at a parliamentary luncheon in honour of the Queen and Prince Philip, Whitlam was at his biting, injudicious best, describing Philip as ‘the nemesis of Australian prime ministers’; ‘I am the first prime minister since Sir Robert Menzies who … has been able to survive a second visit from Prince Phillip … At last the jinx has been broken. Prince Phillip has abandoned his role as the nemesis of Australian prime ministers’.

    From the democratic seat of Parliament itself, Whitlam reminded his captive and no doubt shocked royal audience of their political place – they had none. ‘We had misgivings’, Whitlam continued blithely, ‘because the last Phillip who was a consort to the Queen of England [Philip of Spain] did play rather too strong a political role. Now, of course, Prince Phillip has eschewed all forms of political activity.’

    It was possibly the closest thing to a public dressing-down Prince Philip had ever received and, in the presence of the Queen, this was humiliating, a moment of hubris. Little wonder that he harboured a profound antipathy towards Whitlam. A member of the royal household recalled his shock at hearing Prince Philip in a ‘raised and irate voice’ unleash a vituperative outburst against that ‘socialist arsehole’ Gough Whitlam, ‘whom he never wished to speak to again’. ,,,

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    ^ unfortunately we only get one Gough Whitlam in our lifetime. No one came close to him for personality, knowledge of history, sense of humour and the ability to mesh them together. Because he could later accept Fraser as a friend for the betterment of society showed how big a person he was - very different to USA current politics and succession. even on the international scene he could be unique.

    Gough famously even got God off side.
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