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    RIP Vaso Dakovic 1944-2021

    We have lost a Gold Coast Chess Community king.

    It saddens me to announce the passing on Sat Nov 27 of Vaso Dakovic, affectionately known to all as Vaso.

    His funeral will be at Somerville Funerals - 11 am, Thursday, Dec 2nd, 129 Nerang Broadbeach Road, Nerang.
    The family has invited chess friends to attend.

    Vaso participated for many years in Gold Coast Chess events. He organised social chess in Robina Town Centre for the past decade. He was a great character, full of smiles and wit, who always took the time to help out juniors and beginners. He was my sonís first chess coach and a friend. He had been battling cancer for some time but still playing chess when he could at Robina social chess on Tuesdays and Saturdays.

    Rest In Peace Vaso.

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    Sadly another great loss to the Gold Coast chess community: Vaso died while we were paying tribute to another Gold Coast chess great at the Arianne Caoili Memorial. Vaso would surely would have been at the tournament if he could. Whether or not he would play at a tournament, his presence would automatically lift the atmosphere. He had a way of bringing smiles to people around him.

    Vaso was a force at blitz/ rapid, and would often contend against strong players with his unorthodox openings, trading bishops for knights at any opportunity and of course, his witty banter.

    Rest In Peace Vaso.

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    I met Vaso when chess was played at the Robina Town Centre near Victoria Secret lingerie shop. I am not sure which lead me to the other. He was good for chess, welcoming and always good mannered. I don't think I defeated him on his home territory but when he would visit Byron Bay the bulldog in me would come out. He wanted revenge after a defeat - via the clock that I hadn't played for twenty years so i declined.

    Occasionally Vaso and wife could come shopping at Byron as many chain fashion shops would close down due to ever-rising rents so had good sales. Once his lovely wife was "busy" we would chuff off to the RSL to enjoy ourselves for a few hours. He declined to discuss Yugoslav politics, whereas the Serbian chess cafe in Cabramatta was full of it. Before his illness cursed him he was looking to move to Byron and I was keeping an eye out on real estate for him.

    I hope he had a peaceful finish to his life.
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