Saw this post by RMIT cybersecurity Center on Linkedin today:
''A special shoutout to all our candidates who were and continue to be involved in our conference - Chintha Kaluarachchi, Mahshid Sadeghpour, Muhammad Nauman Khan, Ruwan Nagahawatta, Maidul Islam, Nasrin Sohrabi, Jakapan Suaboot, Yibing Xie and Younis AL-Husaini!''

So above the list of RMIT ph.d in cybersecurity candidates/students....Where is ''John Smith'' why does not ''John Smith'' study ph.d in cyber security''? Looking at the lists of top junior chess players, looking at Scholarship lists. John Smith and Mary Smith are few and far between. John Li and Mary Nguyen - everywhere!
Just some food for thought!