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    CAQ Minutes Unavailable

    For some reason, the minutes and agendas of CAQ Council Meetings are not being distributed reliably. I have raised this issue with the CAQ Secretary several times, and while the immediate issue gets fixed, the problem then happens again. I realise that CAQ Council members are volunteers, but the CAQ is an incorporated body, so the minutes should be a priority.

    The most recent CAQ Council meeting was on June 27, almost four weeks ago. The Brisbane Club hasn't received the minutes of that meeting, and they're not on the website. So I've started this thread to track the distribution of the minutes and agendas. If they are being help up for some reason, hopefully a CAQ Council member will inform CAQ members via this thread.

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    And I've started the countdown again, with the minutes of the August 29 Council Meeting still not available after three weeks.

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