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    1960s soviet chess set - advice about condition

    Hi all,
    I bought this chess set
    Even though the listing said that it was in original condition on delivery I see that the black pieces have been spray-painted. Due to this I decided to make a new finial for the white king and now I am wondering - as the set has been modified from original - do I go the whole way and attempt to improve the board - or would you guys just leave it alone? What do you think? Do you like the set, do you think it will improve in value with age? Or is it a bust and not worth anything as it has been sprayed? I like the set, I think the horse design is very nice.

    In comparison we were considering a legit 1890s certified staunton set - but this would have cost around $1600 and I was worried that we would be too scared to actually use it!
    Thanks for any and all advice, have a great day
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    So an update, I contacted the seller and they assure me that the black varnish is original, it is just in really really good condition - as are the white pieces. The seller advised me to take the set to a specialist if I was still not believing. I actually only got the idea that the set was repainted because there was a sheet of cardboard in the outer packaging with the circles from a set ( admittedly the same diameters as the set I received) that had been painted. Seller assures me that this was from some other set. The felts on the bottoms of the pieces are original and I guess the more I think about it the more I can see how hard it would be to paint the set without damaging these (or to get them off and then put them back ) - so maybe I was wrong. I wont be taking the set to a specialist, I will enjoy it and keep it in my family.

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