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Thread: Australian Open

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    As I tended to wander around and check out other boards during my own games, I was on hand to watch the following queen sac being played by tournament winner Guy West. Lovely stuff...

    Guy West - David Hacche
    French Defense

    1.e4 e6
    2.d4 d5
    3.Nc3 Nf6
    4.Bg5 Bb4
    5.Ne2 dxe4
    6.a3 Be7
    7.Bxf6 Bxf6
    8.Nxe4 Nc6
    9.c3 O-O
    10.N2g3 Be7
    11.Bc4 e5
    12.d5 Na5
    13.Ba2 b6
    14.Qh5 Kh8
    15.h4 f6

    Now White forces open the diagonal for his bishop...

    16.d6! cxd6

    And then throws a knight into the mix to pry open the h-file...

    17.Ng5! fxg5
    18.hxg5 h6
    19.Qxh6+!! 1-0

    After ... gxh6, 20.Rxh6+ Kg7, 21.Nh5 is a very nice mate.

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    Included in the very enjoyable book 'Australian Chess Brilliancies' (Game 3) by Kevin Casey

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    Guy West - David Hacche
    French Defense

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