hi all.

i am new to this forum and would hope to get some feedback on a subject or 2.
i am currently developing a board game. or better described as "about halfway between boardgame and chess/chequres".
i have recently started going to board game clubs near me, for research. (and its fun along the way).
but i would also like to get into the chess world for the same research. ive been looking for chess clubs near me, to no avail. then i found this forum. so here i am.

so id like to ask you guys few questions if ok.

obviously there are those that like chess, and those that like boardgames, and those that like both.
but for the games we like/dislike, what is the reason we like/dislike them?

for example, people that love chess but hate chequers. why? i spoke to someone online who will only play backgammon and thats it. refuse to play anything else.

there would be some that like chess/go/chequers etc, and dislike things like catan,risk,monopoly,clue. why?

for me, i will play just about any game and enjoy it along the way, but my preferred is something thats about halfway between the 2. chess is skill and strategy with very little luck, monopoly is a lot of luck with little skill. i like things in the middle. of course, there is also the human thing such as who im with, how i feel at the time(tired,energy), the whole setting. this stuff has a bearing on what we like at the time.

so id like to hear all your opinions, good or bad.