Dear Chess Friends,

This email is to invite entries to play in St Kilda Chess Club Grand Prix Term 2, 2021 ACF rated tournament. The current list of entries is below and there are only 6 places left.

Once we have 24 entries we will not be able to accept anyone else.

Entries so far:
1.Kagan,Naum FM 2290
2.Sandler,Leonid IM 2273
3.Kalisch,Tom 1627
4.Chiverton,Fergus 1478
5.Beckman,John 1412
6.Hennessy,Maurice 1215
7.Chiverton,Barnaby 986
8.Bambridge,Greg 850
9.Bradlow, Richard
10.Budianto, Youshan
11.Cruz, Francisco
12.Dagan, Reph
14.Korab, Boyd
15.McCononachie, Jonathan
16.Selden, Hunter
17.Wang, Roger

International Master Leonid Sandler and FM Naum Kagan have agreed to play in the tournament.

Most of you know Leonid. But let me share an interesting fact about Naum. In 1976 Naum has played a tournament game against a legend of chess – Gary Kasparov! This is very exciting: to meet and have a chat with Naum and possibly get some tips from him as well!

Below are important details about the tournament:


Dates: 6 May, 13 May, 20 May, 27 May, 3 June, 10 June, 17 June

Time: Each round start at 7.35 pm

Number of rounds and prizes: 7 Rounds Australian Chess Federation Rated event. 24 Players maximum.$500 prize fund for the term 2 tournament with additional prize fund of $500 as the result of Grand Prix on a basis of 3 more tournaments (one 7 rounds tournament each school term in 2021 with Grand Prix points on the basis of 3 best results)

Time Control: an hour each player per game plus 10 seconds for each move

Venue: Alma Road Neighbourhood House, 200 Alma Road St Kilda East

Byes: Two half a point byes are available on your request in rounds 1 to 6.

Postponements: Games can be played on Mondays by mutual agreement

Coaching: all players have an option (free) to go through their games with an IM with games to be entered into computer with comments and emailed to you

Fees: $60 Entry fee + membership required (membership is $20 per term or $60 until the end of 2021)

Method of payment: Bank transfer (preferred) To find out the bank account number Please go to : and please scroll down to payments.

Cash (at the venue)
Hope to see you there!