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    Chessaroos is the name of a Junior Squad. I thought it was the name or our National T

    I'm still confused. I googled "Chessaroos" and came up with a Junior Training Squad from 2012.
    So, not only do we not have a name for our National Teams, we are still not sure of what we do or don't know. What do we know?

    Can anyone give me an above-ground, interweb link to our National Chess Teams homepage so I can check their names?

    Can anyone give the name of a third sport that has rating prizes?

    Pat Byrom game me Bridge, which has more money than God, so can afford them.

    I'm guessing there are about 130 recognised sports worldwide.
    I have found 2 with rating prizes.
    All you have to do to shut me up is find another 5 or 6. That should get you typing!

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    Next Olympiad Fund – Fully funded in 1 day

    Once every two years -

    25 Chess Clubs in Australia run their Allegro or Rapid Play Championship on the same Saturday or Sunday or on club night.
    Entry fee $25 Seniors $15 Juniors
    50 players each club. 50% mix of Seniors and Juniors. Guestimate.
    25 seniors @ $25 = $625
    25 juniors @ $15 = $375
    Total $1,000 per club

    25 clubs x 50 people = 1250 people.

    Biggest number of players in a City Club named unofficial “Best City Club in Australia.”
    Biggest number of players in a Country Club named unofficial “Best Country Club in Australia.”

    All funds go to Olympiad Appeal.

    I simply looked up the webpage of each State Association and took down some names.
    Please feel free to jump in if I have not mentioned your club.
    Very rough guess of how many clubs per state would be able to get 50 players.

    I’ve got 36 listed below, so have gone with 25 clubs for my guestimate.

    25 clubs x $1,000 = $25,000

    With Reserves, Coaches and Managers I am guessing 15 people.
    $25,000 / 15 people = $1,666

    Private investors can invest 1c or 10c or 37c per player.
    For instance, I would be quite happy to invest 10c per player.
    If we get 1250 players = I invest $125
    You notice, I didn’t say “donate”. I see this as an investment in our future. And am also putting my money where my big mouth is!

    WA – Perth, Bunbury, Albany (3)
    SA – Adelaide, Adelaide Uni, and 1 other (3)
    Tasmania – Burnie, Hobart, Devonport, Launceston (4)
    Victoria – Melbourne, Ballarat, Bendigo, Box Hill (4)
    ACT – Tuggeronong, Belconnen, ANU, Canberra (4)
    NSW – Albury, Armidale, Coffs Harbor, Newcastle, Norths, Rooty Hill, St George,
    Woolloongong (7)
    Qld. – Brisbane, The Gap, Redcliffe, Cairns, Bullwinkle, Bundaberg, Gold Coast, Logan,
    Noosa, Toowoomba, Townsville, (11)
    Total = 36

    This really does work. 1991/2 The QJCL was just starting up with no money. We simply ran events that kids liked. Within about 6 months we had 7k in the bank, a second hand photo-copier and sets and boards for about 200 people and probably about 40 BHB clocks. It does work.

    All done in 1 day. What do you think!
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