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    Australian Open U/10 Championships winners from 1997,94,93 and 92. Any clues?

    Thanks for the feedback so far. Last request for Aus Jnrs.
    1997 U/10 Open winner?
    1994 U/10 Open winner?
    1993 U/10 Open winner?
    1992 U/10 Open winner?
    Once I have these I will proceed to fill in 2nds and 3rds for a more complete picture.
    Have started the Australian Schools Teams Championships. Hoping to get all names, schools, scores and board prizes.

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    1992 - No winner reported in CIA report
    1993 - No winner reported in CIA report

    Note an advertisement in CIA for the 1994 Australian Junior mentions "The awarding of titles for the first time in U10 and U8 categories is subject to number go entries and ratification by the ACF Council.

    From this it would seem there were no official Australian Junior U10/U8 titles prior to 1994.
    Now although there were prize winners in the U10/U8 in 1994, it is unclear that the ACF ratified any U10/U8 titles.
    1994 - Tristan Boyd
    1997 - C. Page - I believe this is Christopher j Page.
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