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    Townsville CC v Combined Brisbane team - Telegraphic Match 1904

    The Telegraph Brisbane - Monday, 5th September 1904 reports via Trove that -

    "In response to a challenge from the Townsville Chess Club to play a match by telegraph the Queensland Chess Association selected a team of eight players from clubs affiliated with the association to represent the city. By courtesy of the School of Arts authorities the match was played in their hall, the Secretary, Mr. Nelson, making every possible arrangement for the comfort of the players."

    Anyone know why Townsville CC in 1904 would want to play Brisbane's strongest team and not just Brisbane's strongest club?

    Brd.1 TM Bradshaw (Bris.) v CJ Fraser (Townsville) - Sicilian Defence
    Brd.2 R. Brown (Bris.) v JH Weir (T) - Ruy Lopez
    Brd.3 JC Thomson (Bris.) v TC Reye (T) - Ponziani

    Brd.4 JJ Trundle (Bris.) v JA Boyce (T) - English - Mr. JA Boyce became Police Magistrate at Townsville in 1903 where he retired in 1909 after 50 years of service!
    Mr. Boyce finally retired to Sandgate in Brisbane. In 1894, despite living in Toowoomba, he helped to found the Sangate Chess Club. He was President of the CAQ on 5 occasions.

    Brd.5 WC Poole (Bris.) v W. Dalglish - Sicilian Defence
    Brd.6 W. Palmer (Bris.) v Q. Bottiger - Giuoco Piano
    Brd.7 HDS Forbes (Bris.) v L.McBriar - Giuoco Piano
    Brd.8 F. Passey (Bris.) v W. McAllister - King's Gambit

    It looks like board order was determined by drawing lots again - unless Mr Boyce was the 4th strongest player in Townsville in 1904!
    Does anyone know the final scores of this match?

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    Thanks to BlackBishop for finding the final scores for the Brisbane Townsville match 1904. Townsville won 4.5 to 3.5. B1 draw B2 win to T'ville B3 win to T'ville B4 JJ Trundle of Brisbane beat JA Boyce B5 win to T'ville B6 win to Brisbane B7 and B8 draw. Adjudications by Mr JL Jacobsen. Townsville in 1904 may have been a stronger chess club than the combined best players of Brisbane!

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