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    Qld. Champion 1892 - Albert Wallace? "The Queenslander Sat. 22 Oct. 1892

    In an 1892 telegraphic match between Toowoomba CC and Brisbane School of Arts CC, Mr. Albert Wallace is mentioned as Qld. Champion.
    Source: Trove - "The Queenslander, Sat. 22nd Oct. 1892"
    The Wiki list of Qld. Champions only goes back to 1895 A.C. Palmer. Does anyone have any other references to a state championship in 1892.
    The 5 players per team were paired by ballot according to the Trove article!
    Board 1. (Toowoomba) JA Boyce (W) v T.Davy (Brisbane School of Arts) (B) French 0-1
    Board 2. (Toowoomba) AH Kemp (B) v E. Driver (W) Evans Gambit 0-1
    Board 3. (Toowoomba) HA Nesbit (W) v E. Deighton (B) Irregular 0-1
    Board 4. (Toowoomba) D.McLean (B) v HP Salter (W) Petroff to 4 Knights 1-0
    Board 5. (Toowoomba) AL Stumm (organiser of the match) (B) v Albert Wallace (W) 2 Knights 1-0

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    Wallace and Jacobsen. Queensland Champions?

    One of the motivations for forming the CAQ in 1897 was to set the ground rules for the Queensland Championship. Lack of established rules however, did not stop the Championships from taking place.

    The first Queensland Champion is listed on the CAQ web site, as A. C Palmer who won a tournament for the championship in 1895 at the age of 17. The next year a challenge match for the championship was played between Palmer and Apperly in the rooms of the Brisbane Chess Club at the Metropole Hotel. After six games, Palmer was leading 3.5 to 2.5 but Apperly went on to win.

    Enter Julius Leigh Jacobsen.

    Julius was born in Hull, England in 1862. He won a match for the Australian Championship held in Sydney in 1897 against William Crane by a score of seven games to one with draws not counted.

    Julius was a prominent Chess Journalist in the days when there were many newspapers and many chess columns. He apparently spent some time in Brisbane when, “He won the championship of Queensland, and the gold medal presented by Mr Justice Mein, on the 1st of March 1887."

    Justice Mein was at one time the President of the Brisbane Chess Club which was in the habit of presenting gold medals to club tournament winners. It may be that Julius was simply recognised as being the best player around without there being a formal match or tournament for the championship.

    So was Jacobsen a Queensland Chess champion? It is probably up to the CAQ to decide.

    It is probably a similar story for A. E. N Wallace. He arrived from Ireland at age sixteen and is said to have won the Chess Championship of Queensland two years later. Moving to NSW, he won the Australian Championships in 1893, 1895 and 1896. The best player in Brisbane by far in his day, but did he play a match or tournament for the title?

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    A E N Wallace

    About Wallace.

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