Would you choose to be a God of dumb animals?

Man plays God with his ants - Brilliant Video : videos (reddit.com)

Humans, to Yahweh, are quite inferior to himself. The term dumb animal might be used.

Our wisdom is more like stupidity to Yahweh, --- is just one of the many verses that show how beneath Yahweh we sit.

We are also quite obtuse, to the point where we are told that the vast majority of us will end in hell and purposeless torture. We just wonít learn.

I would not want to be a god of any dumb animal. Especially if I had to genocide them now and again. They could not see my goodness. Just as I cannot see the goodness in a genocidal god.

Why does Yahweh want to rule over such a species as humankind, --- when he created us to be so low and just worthy of just his godlike disrespect?

Sure, Yahweh says we are above angels, but god hates those for being even more stupid than humans. He even built a hell for them. He even used Noahís flood to drown his own sonís of god.

I would not choose or desire to lead dumb animals.

Why does Yahweh want to be a leader of dumb animals?