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    hey chess freaks! look at this!

    just the other day , i was walking down the road and there was this guy. now, to all chess players, you would just know that he was a chess player. i mean he was looking at his shoes. lol. but seriously, i stopped him to chat and i said "hi, doc, have we met?" as i reached out my hand to shake his. he sais "no, i dont think so, sir" (sir, thats another chess thing) and guess who it was!!! it was actually no one i had heard of, but he said he was a chess player, i asked if he was good, and he said he was "ok". the modesty of chess players, gotta love it. we talked for about twenty minutes actually, about openings and the like. and it was great, i could tell he was probably someone i should have known!! but anyhow, it was nice. i feel like im getting in the know, you know. heh heh

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