For those with an interest our entry list includes:-
GM Daniel Fernandez, IM's Stephen Solomon and Brodie McClymont, Kevin Casey, Mark Stokes, Ben and Joel Leong, Aiden Brady, Shaurya Jain, Tomislav Bodwell, Craig Stewart, Don Hamilton, Shafiuddin Aanan, Timothy Harris, Joseph Curtain, Jared Consiglio-Cockle, Byron Morris, Alan Hamawand, Joshua Cooper, Phil bennet, Joshua McCorkell, Aurel-John and Alex Buciu, Nash Carroll, Riley Newbold, Shi Ke Sem. Along side these are our stalwarts; Keith MacLeod, Phil Mulholland and Peter Bender.
There is no particular order as I have yet to press that button in Vega. Also some juniors are yet to be entered as I have no birth dates. Apologies for ineptitude and also that some people who had entered and withdrawn from the August time line may not have been included. So please can you confirm (or deny) your attendance.