Dear Chess Friends,

I hope everyone is having a nice and relaxing summer perhaps going to the beach, having friends and family for a barbecue and watching cricket.

Hope Australia will beat India and well done Will Pukovski who I understand was a member of Caulfield Cricket Club. I hope in some time I can say that a member of St Kilda Chess Club is playing for the Australian Chess Team!

Thursday over the board Grand prix tournament is starting on Thursday 4 February 2021.

Rating and Dates: 7 Rounds, ACF rated tournament, 4 February, 11/02, 18/02, 4/03, 11/03, 18/03, 25/03. Each Round will start at 7.35pm

Venue: Alma Road Neighbourhood House, 200 Alma Road St Kilda East

Number of players: 24 players maximum Out of 24 players – 4 players by special invitation so only 20 public places

Prizes: $500 prize fund for the term 1 tournament dependent on 24 players field with additional prize fund of $500 as the result of Grand Prix on a basis of 3 more tournaments (one 7 r ounds tournament each school term in 2021 with Grand Prix points on the basis of 3 best results).

Time Control: an hour per game with 10 seconds increment for each move

Entry Fee: The tournament for members only ($80 membership per year) Membership also entitles to free Mondays sessions Entry Fee for a single tournament is $60

Please pay your membership and entry fee by Monday 25 January to reserve your spot ($140 per person). Please transfer moneys into St Kilda Chess Club Bank Account

The Bank Account number could be found please scroll down to payments Please email me once paid.

Byes: Two byes are permitted during the tournament except for the last round. Round postponement is also possible by mutual agreement.

Limited Entry: If your rating is above 1800 on the latest ACF rating list please enquire about free entry and club membership for 2021. Please note only 3 spots left.

Our Difference: All Participants are eligible to go through their games if they wish played in the tournament with International Master Michael Gluzman at no additional cost during Monday sessions.

I will have a computer with me and will enter your game in either pgn or chess base format with my annotations and will email it to you so you can go through it at home.

Thanking you for your interest.

International Master Michael Gluzman

0425 887 218