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The Rematch! Russia U-16 Olympic Team vs Australia Kangaroos

Last Saturday though the Australian team outrated their Russian opponents on average, the youngsters proved to be more than a match for the Australian team defeating the Australian Kangaroos 98-83 in a closely fought match that went down to the wire! Russia’s victory was helped by the outstanding performance of IM Stefan (34 points) and IM Murzin (32 points).
On the home front, Australia’s 2020 Champion GM Kuybokarov helped the Australian team immensely scoring 28 points. Other results were more modest with Australia’s #1 Smirnov scoring a modest +1 and GM Fernandez who is studying in Australia 50%.

Note that in this format one player can get in more games than another if they finish early thus the discrepancy for the number of games, also it is not unusual for players to suddenly catch ablaze and go on a rampage with their winning streak and actually accumulate more points than the standard 1 point for a win or 0.5 for a draw. Instead, players that were on a hot streak could score 4 points a game, much of the Russian team success was helped by both Stefan and Murzin’s win streak of 7 each!
Going onto the games themselves the Russians were very solid, managed their time well, and played in a very principled and mature manner (a lot of Caro-Kanns!). One player that stuck out to me was IM-Stefan with the white pieces he favored 1.b3 and against 1.e4 played 1…Nc6 very unusual opening choices! However, his youthful opening choices are contrasted by his very principled solid style.

While the majority of the games were hard-fought drawn-out tales of positional maneuvering and quite a few swindles (!) there were 2 miniatures which I found entertaining and instructive.
Molthun Ly: https://lichess.org/sBbtpkfL/white#38 (An impressive way of dismantling 1.b3 in 19 moves) Considering how Molthun used to play this way back in 2015 it should come as no surprise he understood his bread and butter opening!
Anton Smirnov: https://lichess.org/vuFBaWV5/white#29 A new idea (at least to me!) in the Sicilian against the Najdorf, casting an iron clad grip on the d5 square and provoking the weakeness on the light squares! A pleasing bind.

This week Australia will be fine-tuning their team slightly by adding 2018 PRO league MVP IM Brandon Clarke against the exact same line up in what will hopefully be the right adjustment we need. This time the match will also be held at 7pm this Saturday so an hour earlier. So hopefully we will see you there!
Note: It is uncertain whether Alexander Morozevich is commentating again but if so details will be posted, Links will be posted shortly!
The Australian Kangaroos Team beat Russian U16 team.The final score was amazing 109-59( lichess.org platform calculated score) or 44-29 using traditional calculation. The top performers in our team were Temur Kuybokarov scoring +9 and Anton Smirnov scoring +8.
Full results can be seen https://lichess.org/tournament/q2Uai...3DCF61s1LMVJ3k

Fantastic performance by our team!