Supernatural and fantasy thinking about religion. Is it good or evil?

We can scientifically explain the supernatural itch that some allow to control their thinking.

In children, this might be a good way of expanding their minds, but adults are asked to put away the things of children, which, to me, includes supernatural and fantasy thinking.

I use these to show substance dualism. I see this as a useful trait for us in nature but not for our spiritual and religious sides.

I see thinking supernaturally as a deterrent to knowing god, even as I promote fantasy thinking in the seeking of the best rulers and laws to live by, which is a good definition for god. After all, Moses, not that he was real, came down from the mountain with rules and laws and not some fantasy supernatural god.

The laws on earth can never be the same laws as in heaven and we can never reach the pinnacle of as above, so below.

Do you see supernatural thinking as childish or adult thinking?

Do you see supernatural thinking in childish as good?

Do you see supernatural thinking in adults as evil?