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    The President's Soup

    It will be our privilege on Monday next to entertain the former president of the CAQ. What he does not tell you is that, before his ten years as President, he was Secretary, Primary Schools Coordinator and heaven and its landlord knows what else. I am preparing a special soup.

    I have washed the soup mix multiple times and left it to stand overnight to absorb water, I guess.
    Tomorrow I will add tomatoes, celery, onions, carrot, pumpkin, ( a gift from the neighbour ) and maybe some MightyMite to give it some tang and B vitamins plus the December 1992 issue of Queensland Chess. Finely diced, this rare ingredient will add more colour and body to the mix as well as giving it a more chessic flavour.

    I was only able to add the magazine to the mix as the legendary Ian Murray scanned so many of his magazines. Please ensure that before making soup of your state’s chess magazines you scan them first. Remove any staples.
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