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    ACF Bulletin No 69 June 2000.

    Graeme Gardiner, ACF President

    Churchie defeats George Washington School.


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    Hunt for “Gossip”

    Quote Originally Posted by blackbishop View Post
    John van Manen and Bob Meadley’s reference book,
    The Chess Literature of Australia and New Zealand
    suggests that one A. G Somerville was Gossip.

    Chess column: 07/09/1927-17/11/1930
    Editor: Somerville, A.G”

    According to Bob, A. G is more associated with chess in Adelaide rather than Brisbane.

    Whoever was "Gossip" is likely to have been on the CAQ Council at some stage since the column has a lot of references to the Council.
    I have not come across a reference to A. G in the many lists of CAQ Council members.

    Bob and Norma Meadley have been able to determine that the entry cited in:

    “The chess literature of Australia and New Zealand by John van Manen Updated to June 2009 by Bob Meadley and Paul Dunn".

    Chess column: 07/09/1927-17/11/1930
    Editor: Somerville, A.G”

    is accurate, but does not refer to “Gossip” of the Brisbane Telegraph chess column 1925 – 1930.
    “My research in JvM's files and his letter 4/10/1983 gave the attached which was a letter sent to the State Library of Victoria. It appears that 'Gossip' of Brisbane is quite different to the Chess Column in the 'Gossip' magazine (Adelaide).”
    That chess column was written by one Arch Somerville in the magazine “Gossip” produced in South Australia from January 1924 to October 1931.

    Great detective work, Bob and Norma!
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    Great iSage, Equal of Heaven.

    The Australian Chess Federation’s Bulletin, precursor to the ACF Newsletter, was started by then ACF president Graeme Gardiner in the year 1999. The ACF is in the process of adding the Bulletins to the current ACF website. Check out 1999!

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    So, he actually did do that!

    Graeme Gardiner on Ian Murray. Oct 17, 1999 Bulletin.


    Ian Murray is in the middle of trips to North Queensland centres to help
    set up or advance chess competitions for regional schools. In Cairns he ran
    a comp for 107 students from 14 schools, but was a little disappointed
    because he chose a week when many of the students were on camps. More
    importantly, he spent time with teachers showing them how to run
    competitions etc. Well done Ian!

    Whilst several of the states (especially NSW) aren't doing too badly in
    promoting chess in the schools (including remote areas), a big effort is
    required all around the nation to increase participation in the national
    schools competition. The potential is huge.”

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    Australia at the 1974 Chess Olympiad.

    Article by Team Captain C J S Purdy.

    Team: Jamieson, Fuller, Shaw and Woodhams.

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