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    Darling Downs Open. (21 - 22 March Toowoomba) - Cancelled

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    The Toowooba Chess Club

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    One of the loveliest Australian cities, I never miss a chance to visit. I was there a few weeks ago coming down from the tropics up North!
    Unfortunately, I can't make it this time due to clash with chess commitments in Melbourne, hopefully next time.
    Nicely set up tournament page! I wish you all the very best!
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    You can also download the flyer for The Darling Downs Open off the Chess Association of Queensland Website under Coming Events : I would love to be playing The Darling Downs Open on Saturday March 21 and Sunday March 22 but can unfortunately not make it! Such is life. But it looks like it will be a first class event with a very good prize list for all players. If you can play, enter now! It will be a top event!
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    From the Toowoomba Chess Club website.

    Darling Downs Open

    Due to the affects of the Coronavirus on different aspects of the tournament, we have had no choice but to cancel this event. Emails will go out to all players who have already registered with instructions on how to get their entry fees returned. In case your email gets waylaid, please send email to with your full name, amount paid and bank account details to get funds returned via bank transfer. If you’ve paid CAQ fees with your entry please let me know if you’d like this refunded as well.

    We appreciate your understanding in this matter.

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    Please do not refund my entry fee. I look forward to playing down in Toowoomba at a later date.

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