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    Quote Originally Posted by Capablanca-Fan View Post
    It doesn't mean that you have answered this at all plausibly. If small outdoor gatherings at beaches, backyard BBQs, and playgrounds is bad, then mass protests must be worse. Both are outside.
    Sigh. As I've repeatedly pointed out, outdoor gatherings were not banned when the protests started. You're just deflecting again.

    Quote Originally Posted by Capablanca-Fan View Post
    Or, people think that his advice is driven by politics as much as health.
    And why do they think that? Because Trump and his supporters were telling them that mask wearing has nothing to do with protecting people from the virus!

    Quote Originally Posted by Capablanca-Fan View Post
    Same with those soi-disant health experts who excused mass protests because they agreed with the politics.
    How many people were infected due to the protests in Victoria - none!

    Quote Originally Posted by Capablanca-Fan View Post
    So? I wear a mask while out as well.
    Trump is the President - he should have been wearing a mask months ago in public to set an example.

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    American Passports Are Worthless Now

    ... Americans have gone from having access to most of the world to being banned from most of it. Today, Americans are only allowed in a few Caribbean islands and the Balkans. An American passport is now worthless. Worse than worthless, itís a plague.

    In the absence of a humane government, America is now ruled by COVID-19. Welcome to the Plague States of America. ...

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