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    As only players who are registered under countries within the FIDE Oceania zone can play in the Oceania Zonal then it would make sense that for these tournaments the same condition should apply.
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    Given the current circumstances, the ACT Junior Chess League has decided to postpone the Oceania Youth Chess Championship. We intend to hold the event during September/October 2021 in Canberra (subject to approval by the Oceania Chess Confederation and the Asian Chess Federation).

    Kate Woodley
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    Sensible decision - any chance you'd want to share with the players an opportunity to play online instead? A few of us are getting together a JOOC League!

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    I find that website domain to be very misleading, as is the whole idea of an oceania tournament that is made up of private companies that has no official standing or status. I like the idea of interstate/international online events happening in the meantime but I think it should be more impartial and possibly have some level of quality control and standard possibly even be governed by ACF or Oceania chess.

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