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    Tromped by a queen sac...

    An ICC game (3-2 blitz ) where White's Trompowsky bishop made an early departure and was sorely missed on the black squares later, allowing the obligatory Casey queen offering....

    White: Hapless Bamboozlement Victim (rated 2249)

    Black: Kevin Casey

    1. d4 Nf6
    2. Bg5 e6
    3. e4 c5
    4. e5 h6
    5. Bh4 g5
    6. exf6 gxh4
    7. dxc5 Qxf6
    8. Nc3 Bxc5
    9. Nf3 d5
    10. Bb5+ Bd7
    11. O-O Nc6
    12. h3 O-O-O
    13. Na4 Bd6
    14. c4 Ne5
    15. Bxd7+ Rxd7
    16. cxd5 Nxf3+
    17. Qxf3 Qe5
    18. g3 hxg3
    19. dxe6 gxf2+
    20. Rxf2 fxe6
    21. Rc1+ Kb8
    22. Rc4 h5
    23. Re4 Rg8+
    24. Kh1 Rdg7! 0-1

    There's no defence to the queen offer that I can see. 25. Rxe5 loses to the crushing ...Rg1+, etc. The only possibility for salvation seems to be the desperate 25.Qf8+, but a quick analysis shows that this doesn't work either after the simple ...Bxf8. Then White must either give up an exchange on f8 with a lost endgame, or suffer the indignity of 26.Rxe5, when Black simply checks on g1 and then pins the rook with ...Bd6.

    Kevin Casey
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    There is indeed no defence, and it's even worse than you say for white, since after 25.Qf8+ Bxf8 26.Rxf8 Kc7! white will be mated whether he takes the queen or not.
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    If I may see the game in a different light as I have stated before - so many games the winning side has still it's kingside bishop as opposed to the loser's queenside bishop.
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