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Thread: RIP Jim Rogers

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    RIP Jim Rogers

    I am very sad to report that Jim Rogers passed away on Tuesday. Mark Stokes emailed me today with the news. His funeral will be on Wednesday, November 13, at 11 am at St Mary's Anglican Church, Kangaroo Point.

    Many people here will know Jim as not only an extremely active player, but also a tireless administrator. He was the Brisbane Club Secretary for over a decade, only retiring last year. He was also Treasurer of the CAQ for many years. And his legal experience meant that he was far more valuable to both organisations than that description suggests.

    He had been in ill health recently, but his sudden passing was quite a shock. He had played in the previous Brisbane Club tournament (I can't recall the last rated event at the club that he missed), and intended to play in the current one. He will be sadly missed by chess players both at the Brisbane Club and throughout Queensland.

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    I am also very sad that Jim passed away on Tuesday. He was a kind and wise man who always looked for the good in everyone he met. He is the immediate past Treasurer of the CAQ and his common sense approach to all CAQ matters was appreciated by the whole Council and me in particular. He kept the CAQ financial records up to date year in and year out and made sure our Public Liability insurance was paid on time. He was a most reliable Treasurer and our auditors always were happy with Jim's financial records. He was kind enough to offer his house as a place to hold our bi-monthly CAQ Council Meetings and many meetings were held there. Jim always offered us all a cup of tea or coffee and a lamington before we started the meeting! He really enjoyed playing chess and hardly missed a Thursday night at Brisbane Club in recent years. He also played in quite a few weekenders and his sportsmanship was second to none. Jim will be missed by all who knew him.

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    Can't remember meeting him, but sorry for your loss, and which was also evidently a loss for the CAQ.
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    Sad to read that.

    Remember Jim as a kind person and keen chess player as Pat and Mark mentioned. Think he liked to ride bicycles as well.

    RIP Jim

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    Sorry to hear this. I remember Jim as kind, as others have said. Rest in peace.
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    sad to see dedicated chess volunteers and nice people having played their last game. RIP Jim Rogers!
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