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    NSW Vega Training Course

    Hi all,

    I am currently in the process of organising a Vega Training Course to be held in Sydney.

    NSW arbiters who have not used or are new to Vega will be given priority, however the course is also open for arbiters who want a refresher course, and players who are interested in how pairing programs work (or want to become an arbiter themselves ).

    Details for this course including date and location are still being worked out, but I will update when this information comes through (if we have any luck finding a venue - please give me a shout if you have a suitable one available that has a projector!).

    This Vega training course is mainly aimed at tournament organisers/arbiters who have not used Vega before, but players with an interest in learning how to run a pairing program or organisers/arbiters who would like a refresher are welcome to attend.
    This course will be interactive with participants running a copy of Vega on their own laptop to be able to follow along.

    This course will be run as hands-on - participants will be asked to bring their own laptop with a copy of Vega so they can follow through.

    During this course the following topics will be covered:

    1. Running a tournament:

    • Creating a new tournament
    • Importing players from the ACF or FIDE ratings lists, manually adding new players
    • Pairing the tournament, enter results
    • Adding late comers to an event and giving byes for missing rounds
    • Excluding players for a round – byes and withdrawals
    • Deleting round, modifying tournament details, changing results
    • Manually pairing players
    • Output - Standings, cross tables, list of players, pairing slips, printing

    2. Administration:

    • Publishing results online
    • Submitting tournament file for rating
    • Registering a tournament for FIDE rating

    3. Q&A

    Please let me know if you are interested in attending (if you haven't already done so). As I am assuming we will only have a small room, I will only be taking a maximum of 12 players.

    I will update here when we have a confirmed date/time/venue.

    IA/WFM Alana Chibnall

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    A wonderful initiative.

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    I just want to see Swiss Perfect get ousted!
    IA/WFM Alana Chibnall

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alana View Post
    I just want to see Swiss Perfect get ousted!
    The last time that I checked its pairings, Swiss Imperfect would have been a better name for this software.

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    That sounds like a great initiative Alana, I wish you the best of luck with it! There are a number of fiddly things with Vega that aren't necessarily intuitive.

    As for SwissPerfect, I was suprised to see licences for it still being sold at full price on their website: $79.58 AUD + $7.96 GST = $87.54

    The SwissPerfect website seems to have been updated for 2019 even if the pairing software hasn't!

    In comparison, the full price for the Vega License is 50 Euro, or around $81 AUD (or half price if it is used for scholastic tournaments only) - registered Australian clubs can take advantage of the ACF's license offer.
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    Vega takes some getting used to, but for those who haven't done so yet, it is well worth it. Great to see Alana running this course and hope there will be more such courses to train more arbiters in using Vega.

    Quote Originally Posted by Pierre Dénommée View Post
    The last time that I checked its pairings, Swiss Imperfect would have been a better name for this software.
    Its pairings were never quite perfect when it started. The main issue is that the developer stopped updating it sometime around 2000 so it became more and more out of date over time. Organisers kept using it because it was easy and could be used to submit files for Australian ratings.
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    I'm interested, Alana. Let me know the details once they are determined. Thanks!
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