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    Free Daily Chess Content by GM Max Illingworth

    Hey guys,

    I've recently been posting daily content on my Facebook page. Moving to Vietnam for 3 months has given me a new lease of life, and that has also spread to my page!

    I've just scheduled over a month of daily chess puzzles on my page, which I am sure will help you become a better chess player! You can click the link here.

    If you have any post requests (puzzles, videos, chess themes, self-improvement or anything else), feel free to share them here!
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    Hi Max, glad that you are finding a new lease of life. In Vietnam you are just across the river from the Philippines my favourite chess hide-out. Get to Baguio there and you make a motza playing where some world championship's games were held decades ago. In summer it is surprisingly cool weather. See you there one day.

    I can get you good free accommodation there.
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