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    2019 MCC Semi-Open tournament (RR + Swiss) (26 Aug - 21 Oct)

    2019 MCC Semi-Open Tournament (Round Robin and Swiss)

    A dual-format tournament, the MCC Semi-Open which will comprise (1) a 9 rounds round-robin event for the top 9 players + 2018 qualifier and (2) a 9 round Swiss open event for the rest of the field.

    Tournament Page
    (View current entries)

    Melbourne Chess Club - 66 Leicester St, Fitzroy

    9 Rounds Round-Robin Tournament for the top 9 FIDE rated players + the 2018 qualifier
    9 Rounds Swiss Open Tournament for the rest of the entered players
    Both tournaments will be ACF and FIDE (Round-Robin and Swiss) rated

    Note:Round-Robin players must enter by Saturday 24 August 2018. This is to allow the pairings for the Round-Robin Tournament to be set several days before Round 1.

    Time Control
    90 minutes per game + 30 seconds per move.
    Forfeit time is 30 minutes after the advertised start time.

    Entry Fee
    $75 Full Member, $65 Concession / Junior Member (add $15 for Non-Members)
    Early bird discount of $10 if paid by Saturday 24th August
    Free entry for Club Member GMs/WGMs, IMs/WIMs and FMs/WFMs and non Victorian GMs/WGMs and IMs/WIMs.
    If you want a round 1 bye (for the Swiss only) you must have have fully paid your entry to be paired. Refunds are available if notified 24 hours before the event.

    Round 1: Mon 26th Aug, 7.15pm
    Round 2: Mon 2nd Sep, 7.15pm
    Round 3: Mon 9th Sep, 7.15pm
    Round 4: Mon 16th Sep, 7.15pm
    Round 5: Mon 23rd Sep, 7.15pm
    Round 6: Mon 30th Sep, 7.15pm
    Round 7: Mon 7th Oct, 7.15pm
    Round 8: Mon 14th Oct, 7.15pm
    Round 9: Mon 21st Oct, 7.15pm

    Byes (Swiss Open Tournament only)
    Player may take up to two half point byes for rounds 1-7

    Round-Robin Tournament (Guaranteed!)
    1st: $1000
    2nd: $400

    Swiss Open Tournament
    $1200 prize pool (Provisional)
    Field will be divided into three prize divisions:
    Prize category 1: 1st-$260 & 2nd-$140
    Prize category 2: 1st-$260 & 2nd-$140
    Prize category 3: 1st-$260 & 2nd-$140
    Brilliancy prize (over both Tournaments): $40 book voucher at club bookshop
    (Note: Non-eligiblity for prizes for Swiss players rated above the third bottom seeded Round Robin player or as decided by organiser)

    2020 Round-Robin Qualification
    The winner of the Swiss qualifies to play in the 2020 MCC Semi-Open Round-Robin tournament (subject to payment of applicable entry fee).
    Should the winner decline to play, qualification will then pass on to the 2nd placegetter and then on to 3rd placegetter.
    The tie-break method to determine rankings of placegetters will be the Buchholz method. The tie-break will be used only to rank players for the purpose of qualification into the 2020 MCC Semi-Open Round-Robin.

    In Chess Chat tournament discussion thread

    Tournament Organiser
    Simon Dale (0407 834 027 or

    Alexej Khamatgaleev (0426 731 726 or

    Further Questions

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    Rujevic and O'Molloy to play in Round-Robin

    We can confirm that 2018 qualifier will play the 2019 Round-Robin, along with 3-time MCC Champion IM Mirko Rujevic.

    We expect to announce more Round-Robin players soon.

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    The MCC - Semi Open starts soon - 26th Aug. There will be Swiss and Round Robin tournaments run at the same time

    Entries for the Round Robin component close at the end of Sat 24th Aug. Generous 1st prize of $1000 for Round Robin.

    Current entries:

    Christopher	Wallis	FM	2321		
    Mirko	Rujevic	IM		2115	
    David	Beaumont			1960		
    Daniel	Poberezovsky		1837	
    Sulia	Van Sebille			1453	
    Rajendran Ishan	Venkat		1242		
    Dhruthin Reddy	Annapureddy		1076		
    Venu Gopal	Pingili

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    Current entries (note Round Robin will be finalised on 24th Aug)

    Christopher	Wallis	FM		2321		
    Mirko	Rujevic	IM		2115	
    Adam	Kelly	CM		2057	
    David	Beaumont			1960		
    Eamonn	O'Molloy		1939		
    Colin	Savige			1914	
    Daniel	Poberezovsky			1837	
    === SWISS
    Sulia	Van Sebille			1453	
    Adam	Lovegrove			1396		
    Rajendran Ishan	Venkat			1242		
    Dhruthin Reddy	Annapureddy			1076		
    Venu Gopal	Pingili

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    Current Entries - Early Bird and Entry to Round Robin ends this Saturday

    Here are current entries to the Semi-Open. We hope to get confirmation of more players (particularly of the stronger variety) before the end of early bird this Saturday.

    Please note that Saturday is also the last day for potential round entrants as we will seek to set the fixtures for the round robin on Sunday.

    Please note that currently all entrants marked round robin entrants (RR) are provisional - current FIDE ratings will need to be confirmed.

    Christopher Wallis FM (RR)
    Mirko Rujevic IM (RR)
    Ray Yang (RR)
    Adam Kelly CM (RR)
    David Beaumont (RR)
    Thai Ly (RR)
    Eamonn O'Molloy (RR - 2018 qualifier)
    Colin Savige (RR)
    Omar Khaled (Bashar) (RR)
    Daniel Poberezovsky (RR)

    Paul Kovacevic
    Lillian Lu
    Jackie Li
    Jim Papadinis
    Alex Jones (R5, R6 byes)
    Peter Fry
    Garry Voigt (R1 bye)
    Romain Mortelecque
    Tanya Kolak
    Sulia Van Sebille
    Ollie Campbell
    Adam Lovegrove
    Rohan Parikh
    Matthew Arthur
    Rajendran Ishan Venkat
    James Arthur
    Dhruthin Reddy Annapureddy
    Sean Garcia
    Daniel Holland (R1 bye)
    Venu Gopal Pingili
    Abdi Ali

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    If you want to play in the MCC Semi Open Round Robin you will have to register by this Saturday. We plan to get the pairing finalised by late Saturday (or Sunday).

    Note that there will be at least one person seeking a reschedule for round 1 of the round robin. We will try and contact their opponent, and we will also post who it is once the pairing is finalised.

    If you are playing in the Swiss part of the tournament then you can register right up to the event starts.

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