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    Quote Originally Posted by Kevin Bonham View Post
    That could be an improvement. If the position before the irregularity can be immediately established then the arbiter may reconstruct the position, adjust the clocks if necessary and the game continues. However we have to ensure that the players do not start moving pieces around on the board to reconstruct the position and in the process lose the record of the actual position on the board.
    If the arbiter can get an agreement between the players of what happened, he can resolve the illegal move(s), using 7.5.1 in other words like a Standard game currently. I think the role of the arbiter in Rapid and Blitz should go from being a Sherlock Holmes investigator to a Henry Kissinger kind of diplomat getting agreements between the players. If there is no agreement, the game will just have to continue with no correction of illegal move(s).

    If A.4.2 were eliminated, I think we would experience
    (1) arbiters will be relieved to not have the burden to uphold illegal moves by A.4.2
    (2) a player can only hope to gain unfair advantage from an illegal move (either by the opponent or himself) if he is also willing to back it up with false testimony

    I think getting arbiters to work for correcting all illegal moves in all situations is a great achievement for justice. I think most players would agree.
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